Helene/Erik's children

Helene and Erik's children


Helene and Erik had 6 children, but only 3 grew up. Gustas Marie's two brothers died at the age of 34 and 42 years old.



Iver August

.iver August Pettersen, Gusta Marie's elder brother.

Iver August was born in 1860, was a machinist and died at sea (in Cuba) when he was only 34 years old. He was married to Marie Elisabeth Falkenberg. They had six children – Helene Elise (b. 1881), Johanne Christiane (b. 1883), Ole Kristian (b. 1885), Kristian (b. 1887), Marie (b. 1889) and Otilie (b. 1891). Both Iver and Marie Elisabeth died quite young; Marie Elisabeth in 1896 (34 years old from tuberculosis (tb).


When Marie Elisabeth died, the youngest daughter, Otilie, was only 3 years old. She was adopted to a family in Levanger – Fredderikke Lovise and Christian Otto Falkenberg. Marie Frederikke ended up at the orphanage on Nanset.

Census 1910

Johanne Christianewas, according to the census of 1900 on board in the ship «Prince Arthur» at that time in Valparaiso, Chile (https://www.digitalarkivet.no/census/ship/sf01100021000697#). At the census of 1910 she was in Levanger with her mother's cousin Cristian Otto Falkenberg. Johanne was later married to lokomotivfører (locomotive driver) Oskar Pedersen, and they settled in Voss.


Johanne and Oskar Pedersen with the boys Ivar, Olaf and Bjarne




Letter from Joanne to her aunt Gusta. Click to see the larger picture.





Gusta Marie 

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Bernhard Julius

Bernhard Julius Pettersen (Gusta Marie's brother) to the left. To the right Bernhards daughter Helen in confirmation dress, together with Gunhild (?). 

Bernhard was married to Karen Knudsen Kluge from Gjesdal.



Mollie Petersen and Helen Peterson Kearney

Karen with her family, together with (probably) Thorvald Mathiesen


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